Georges Bassil and the Eternal Power of being...

Born in Beirut 1965, a self-educated painter, inspired by the voices of Billie Holiday, Maria Callas, Um Kulthum among others, Bassil’s lyrical paintings of intimate encounters captivates viewers of any age and taste. His work is noted for powerful presence of his timid subjects and daring, often controversial, depiction of individuals exposed nakedly and indifferent to the viewer’s curiosity. His biography has many faces. It includes international events and exhibitions. His paintings are exposed to various art lovers and collectors through his relations with the press and media. His true spirit lies in the gallery, the place where the public can obtain a real sense of association.

Georges Bassil and the Eternal Power of being… Indifferent to viewer’s stare and close scrutiny, Georges Bassil’s paintings stand naked and lonely – not always alone – for all to see, judge and value for what they are, no explanation required.

But judgement is not something either the painter or his faithful subjects worry about; they exist, with or without you, in a world of their own. They sometimes stare with big round dark eyes, ones that seem to know something you don’t and are not about to unveil it at any price. Other times, they just stand there, seemingly indifferent to anyone and everything that passes them by, while in fact providing a constant reminder that art doesn’t always have to shout out controversy or a definite state of being, it can simply whisper it while you attempt to formulate words to describe just exactly what it is you are feeling in its presence.

It is in these quiet moments, moments that have been experienced and widely acclaimed at Montreal, London, Nice< Amman, Beirut, and soon in Dubai, starting February 20, at the Mondo Arte Gallery, mall of the Emirates, that Georges Bassil communicates the eternal, and somewhat weightless, power of being and leaves you all but speechless.


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It is in these quiet moments, moments that have been experienced and widely acclaimed at Mondo Arte Gallery, mall of the Emirates.

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